Handloom Sarees

Only handloom sarees have in the first place for design and quality. If a manufacturer does not use good quality yarn and colour then sarees cannot make properly. The machine used for hand-made sarees can not pull the bad quality yarn.

Handloom saree shops sell only handloom sarees. Our sarees are completely different than others. We work only on designs all year round. You can find beautiful designs of sarees only here. We have a saree that has been built for over 200 years. We are very proud to reach our customers easily.

We have varieties types of sarees such as mercerized cotton, Dhakai jamdani, Tangail jamdani, Muslin, Dangoo, Pure silk, Half-silk, Soft silk, Pure cotton, Soft cotton, Twisted cotton, Embroidery, Baluchori, Tosor silk, Sambalpuri, Tonchu katan, Silk katan.

This is our retail shop, we make wholesale saree. You can take saree wholesale in any need. For your shop, wedding ceremony, religious activities, etc.

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